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Mass Flow Meters for Gases | Sensirion

Our mass flow meters ensure fast, accurate and economical measurements of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. They are extremly reliable and longterm stable and are free from zeropoint drift. At the heart of every mass flow sensor is a MEMS based calorimetric microsensor, which measures the gas flow using the thermal measurement principle.


MQ131 O3 Ozone Gas Sensor Module in Pakistan. Environmental Sensors SKU: N/A ₨ 3, Out of stock. Description ; Reviews (0) Description Description of MQ131 Sensing Ozone O3 Gas Detection Sensor Module . SnO2 is the sensitive material of the gas sensor. It has a lower conductivity in clean air. MQ131 Gas Detection Sensor detects ozone gas.

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SGX (formerly E2V) MEMS gas sensor NO2 H2 O3 sensor MiCS2714 ₨ 2,800; IR INFRARED MOTION SENSOR AUTO ON OFF SWITCH MODULE in Pakistan ₨ 890; WATER FLOW SENSOR OR LIQUID FLOW SENSOR in Pakistan

GFC Mass Flow Controller : Aalborg, Manufacturer of High ...

Output signals of 0 to 5Vdc and 4 to 20mA are generated indicating mass molecular based flow rates of the metered gas. The combined gas streams flow through a proportionating electromagnetic valve with an appropriately selected orifice. The closed loop control circuit continuously monitors the mass flow output and maintains it at the set flow rate.

Simulation of gas sensing mechanism of porous metal oxide ...

Aug 25, 2021· The laminar flow module simulates the gas flow in the gas cavity. The current module simulates the resistance value of the sensor surface. The Multiphysics module …

Gas sensors + Gas sensor modules: Angst+Pfister Sensors ...

PZAMC25P potentiometric zirconia oxygen (O2) gas sensor module. Product type. Gas sensor transmitter. Measuring range. 01000 ppm, 025 %. Device type. Stationary. Gasflow. Forced flow.

Gas Flow Sensor Module

The FS1025DG Gas Flow Sensor Module measures the flow rate using the thermotransfer (calorimetric) principle. The FS1025DG offers key advantages over resistorbased flow solutions. The sensor utilizes thermopile sensing, which provides an excellent signaltonoise ratio. The sensor comprises a “solid”

MHZ19B ndir CO2 sensor for indoor air quality monitoring ...

MHZ19B NDIR infrared gas module is a common type, small size sensor, using nondispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect the existence of CO 2 in the air, with good selectivity, nonoxygen dependent and long life. Builtin temperature compensation; and it has UART output and PWM output.

EVEeVision Electronics Pakistan : Water Flow and Level Sensor

G 1 Inch Water Flow Hall Effect Sensor Switch Flow Meter Counter 160L/min Waterproof, hea.. Out of stock. Liquid Level Controller Module Water Level. Liquid Level Controller Module Water Level Work voltage:5V Controller PCB size:42*6.. Liquid PP Side Mount Horizontal Water Level Sensor Float Switch For Pool Tank.

Rotary Gas Meters | Flow Meter Group

The high pressure rotary gas meter series are designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow. The high pressure meters are designed for working pressures up to 100 barg and for fiscal use (MID approved and fully comply with EN12480 and OIML R137 by the NMi).

Gas flow cell SulfiLogger™ sensor

Gas flow cell. Click to see prices. Gas flow cell with sensor adapter for use in biogas and natural gas applications. The sensor is quickly inserted into and removed from the flow cell to accommodate easy calibrations. Print/Save as PDF. Technical specifications.

Commercial Smart Ultrasonic Natural Gas Meter Gas Flow Meter

Commercial Ultrasonic Gas Meter. USMG25/G40/G65. USM Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter is a type of electronic meter that adopts TOF (Time of Speed) principle to measure flow velocity of gas medium, with class accuracy and high stability, USMG25/G40/G65 is widely applied for commercial natural gas metering application. Product Inquiry.

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor | Panasonic Industrial Devices

A compact, dualfunction Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor that measures gas flow and gas concentration for flow rates from 1 to 25 Liters per minute. This Ultrasonic Gas Flow Sensor uses a unique timeofflight design with an onboard processor to make highly accurate measurements of both gas flow and for use with many gases in an easy to implement format.

MicroTrak 101 Ultra Low Flow Gas Meters | Digital Flow ...

Pilot Module: With the remote or facemounted pilot module display/interface, view and change every aspect of MicroTrak at any time with the push of a button. Simply choose a gas from the menu and it''s ready to go, without losing any accuracy. You can also adjust engineering units, flow range, and set zero, span and full scale independently for each gas.

Ultrasonic Gas Meter|Hubei CubicRuiyi

USM Series Ultrasonic Gas Meter Module Ultasonic Gas Meter Module is designed with compact size,class1 accuracy, which c...