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Go Gas

GoGas is a brand of Confidence Petroleum India Limited. GoGas deals in Liquefied Petroleum Gas. GoGas was introduced in the year 2008 when we launched our First Auto LPG Dispensing Station, In the year 2009 GoGas started Packed LPG Cylinder Division under which wide range of LPG Cylinders was launched to cater all kinds of LPG needs.

Gas Monitors Sensors | Monitors Calibration Equipment ...

Easytouse single and multiple gas monitors and sensors at Airgas can keep you, the plant, and people who live nearby from becoming a victim of dangerous leaks and exposures. These invaluable lifesaving devices come in a variety of convenient portable and clipon formats from MSA, BW, Industrial Scientific, Honeywell, and other manufacturers.

About Smart Cylinders

Smart Cylinders AS is a bornglobal tech company, based in Oslo, Norway. We work with some of Europes finest gas delivery companies. Together, we are improving logistics, cutting costs and reducing carbon footprint in the LPG delivery industry. Our company was founded in 2017, after a thorough international market analysis of the LPG industry.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor | Continuous Level Measurement ...

This system is designed for 5 + bottles. Permalevel® SINGLE POINT Ultrasonic Level Sensor monitoring solutions was originally developed for the UK Atomic Energy Sector and has now been in service for over 12 years as fixed 24/7 fire suppressant monitoring system. It is designed for up to 5 individual gas suppression system cylinders.


Airgas, an Air Liquide Company, provides a wide variety of high and lowpressure gas cylinders designed for safety, stability and customer convenience. Available in various sizes, our cylinders meet specific customer needs in a wide range of industrial, medical and specialty gas applications.

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Gas sensors for leak detection. Work place safety alarm. Personal safety sensor. Hazardous location sensor. UV Analyzers. OEM Solutions. Contact us to help you choose the right Sensor for your application: 6053681404. sales

Temposonics Linear Position Sensors Liquid Level ...

rugged offhighway reliability for small stroke cylinder measurement Oct 15, 2020 by Temposonics With 420mA output, this Temposonics sensor is designed to accurately measure cylinder stroke lengths up to 275mm in rugged applications found on mobile paving machines, agricultural equipment, watercraft, recreational vehicles, and others.

Top Quality Cylinders Actuators | Emerson US

Durable and Reliable Cylinders Actuators Emerson''s ASCO Numatics cylinder selection covers most any shape, size, and type including nonrepairable or rodless. Our solutions can ship sameday and will surely exceed your requirements for performance, footprint, cost, appearance, materials or standards.

COPV | Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel

Steelhead Composites® designs, manufactures, tests, and certifies composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) for the storage and transportation of compressed hydrogen, natural gas, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, and other gasses for several industries including: fiber_manual_record Aerospace Space Exploration. fiber_manual_record Aviation.

Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors How They Work | …

Sensors are used to provide position feedback to control systems in automated machinery and equipment. Pneumatic cylinders use sensors to detect the linear position of the piston for applications where position feedback is crucial. The most common type of sensor used for pneumatic cylinders are magnetic proximity sensors, which detect the magnetic field of a magnet integrated in the cylinder ...

RKI Gas Detectors LEL, PID, H2S, CO, O2 Sensors

Gas Detection Sensor Mounting Height and Location Guidelines: It is important to mount the gas detection heads in areas that are most likely to first […] Nitrogen Storage O2 Monitoring The Issue: Hospitals use and store large quantities of industrial and medical gas cylinders and containers; one common container is for liquid nitrogen.